Strategy & Advisory

BI Insight provides various strategic services around how to develop, manage, and execute Business Intelligence directives and activities efficiently in your business. 


Business Intelligence (BI) strategy is a set of actions that enable a company to be worth more than just the sum of its parts.

Much of a businessʼ information assets grow over time, whether it is organically or through acquisitions. Information may turn into islands of disconncted data rather than becoming a valuable asset. Problems like multiple versions of the truth, unclear business logic, data quality, are just few of the examples that may occur without a clear BI strategy. 

An efficient BI strategy requires a strong strategic foundation, distinct formulation of direction and clear execution plan. 
In order to be successful with a BI strategy the execution plan needs to be continously monitored and adjusted to business strategy changes and technology innovations.


BI Insight provides various strategic services around how to manage, develop and execute Business Intelligence efficiently in your business. We help to identify areas where BI creates the most value and which technology is the most suitable to support business process.

We provide services in the following areas:


•Formulate BI Application Strategy
•Design of IT Architecture and Efficient Business Intelligence
•Implementation Strategies to realize Business Intelligence
•Drive Proof of Concepts before key investments in BI


•BI Demand Management
•BI Competence Inventory
•Analysis and Rewiew of the BI-Delivery and Usability